The Double Down

It's a full moon, and the precinct is going crazy. While Beckett catches up on some paperwork, Castle munches on popcorn, watching the insanity unfold: some of the detectives are trying to wrangle costumed perps, while others are trying to separate two female suspects who keep catfighting with each other (including ripping each other's clothes off, much to Castle's delight). Then, a call comes in for Beckett. Turns out, a couples therapist by the name of Ashley Coswell was murdered in her office. Her husband found her just after midnight, though Lanie puts time of death about four hours earlier. The detectives find she'd had dinner with someone a couple of hours before she'd died, and that her killer had written "Psycho the Rapist" and "Your out of time" [sic] on her face. While Lanie examines the body, Beckett and Castle go to talk to the husband. His alibi was that he was at a game at Madison Square Garden, enjoying a boys' night out while his wife was working late. After talking with him, Castle and Beckett learn that another body was dropped uptown, and so Beckett sends Ryan and Esposito to cover it. Ryan laments he won't be able to have a honey-milk nightcap with his girlfriend Jenny, later earning him the nickname 'Honey Milk'. He and Esposito find Perlmutter already at the second crime scene, examining the body. According to Perlmutter, the victim was shot at close range from behind, and his wallet and jewelry are missing.